France USA Int. Film Fest.

Welcome to the official website of France USA International Film Festival. We are thrilled to be throwing this year’s event in Normandie France and Hollywood California, and hope you can join us for all the fun. Visit to participate.

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Submit your work, express your voice, sponsor French American cultural business and friendships !

France USA International film festival is a uniquely collaborative program with the goal of recognizing and acknowledging artistic talent across the globe.

It is an annual qualifying festival open to all aspiring filmmakers in all locations. Annually, we will meet in Normandie France and in Hollywood California, with an extra mission to remember and relish in the special relationship between America and Normandie France in the destiny of our entire Europe and the world. 

Whether you’re just beginning or have already made a mark in cinema, this international festival allows you the opportunity to share your unique and creative vision of the world through film.

All the award winning artists selected in each of the monthly editions of the festival have the chance to be nominated at the annual awards. Both Shorts and Feature Films are eligible for awards in the different categories.

France USA International film festival awards trophies and certificates recognizing the achievements and talents of artists working in the film industry, such as writers, directors, producers, actors, cinematographers, editors, composers, and among others. 

The festival is truly an international platform for all filmmakers beyond language barriers across the globe.

We have dedicated board members who are professionals with vast experience in the film industry. 


Dana Dresser and Vérane Deschamps  

Festival Directors